Forthcoming: June 2nd, 2016

Title: Output tracking in nonminimum phase systems via sliding modes

Speaker: Prof. Yuri B. Shtessel, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, USA

Schedule: June 2nd, 2016, 15:00, IOC Seminar (ETSEIB building – 11th floor)

Summary: The problem of causal output tracking and observation in non-minimum phase nonlinear systems is studied and addressed using sliding mode control techniques. The extended method of Stable System Center (ESSC) that is used for addressing the output tracking in nonminimum phase causal systems is presented. ESSC is used in two-fold manner: i) to generate bounded reference profile for unstable internal states; ii) to estimate states of unstable internal dynamics. Two applications of the proposed technique are considered for illustration purposes: output voltage tracking in a nonminimum phase DC/DC electric power converter and output tracking in SISO systems with time-delayed output feedback. A variety of traditional and higher-order sliding mode (HOSM) control and observation methods is employed in the majority of algorithms. Most of the theoretical results are covered by numerical simulations.


Title: Theory of absolute stability  

Speaker: Prof. Nikita Barabanov, Dep. of Mathematics, North Dakota State University, ND, USA

Schedule: January 13th, 2016, IOC Seminar (ETSEIB - 11th floor); first part: 11h-13h, second part: 15h-17h.

Summary: We consider the main concepts, problems, ideas and results, including Aizerman and Kalman conjectures, KYP lemma, classical and a range of advanced frequencydomain / LMI-based criteria for absolute stability of systems with continuous and discrete time. The next topic is stability of linear inclusions, where we discuss the main concepts and results including extremal norm, dual inclusions, Pontryagin maximum principal, necessary and sucient conditions for stability in terms of linear algebra and Fourier analysis. The last topic concerns absolute stability in innite dimensional spaces: problem setting, main technique, the case of unbounded operators, application to systems with delays.


Title: Algebraic Riccati equations and inequalities  

Speaker: Prof. Nikita Barabanov, Dep. of Mathematics, North Dakota State University, ND, USA

Schedule: January 12th, 2016, IOC Seminar (ETSEIB - 11th floor) - 15h-16:30h.

Summary: We consider the ARE and ARI in the most general case, i.e. without any assumptions on matrices involved. We present necessary and sucient conditions for solvability of these equations/inequalities which are given in terms of associated Hamiltonian matrices.


Title: Control, estimation and diagnosis for uncertain systems. Finite and infinite dimensional results with practical applications 

Speaker: Elio Usai and Alessandro Pisano

Schedule: April 22th, 2013, 15:00h - Seminari de l'IOC

Summary: In this talk we will present some of our activities on the following topics
- observation and fault diagnosis with application to Fuel Cells and on IM drives
- control applications on solar power plants, with some simulation results and perspective
- new approaches to infinite-dimensional systems